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With the changing focus of defence to intelligence spending, Global Intel Source with its vast global contacts and relationships has the capability and opportunity to develop a world class organization to assist the international community in defending against common threats and build relationships between countries based on respect and mutual benefit.
In recent articles, Western European and North American governments will decrease their primary defence budgets and increase their budgets on intelligence gathering, analysis and monitoring.

Current Global Situation

In recent months governments in Western Europe (key NATO members) have moved their budgets from military spending to intelligence. Reports have come out that Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece and the UK have moved to spend the less than 2% of their respective GDP on defence. Canada has decreased its spending to a record low of 0.7% of the GDP.
In the meantime most of these countries have significantly increased their spending of information gather, analysis and monitoring due to threats posed by groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram, and many others.
In the former East Block budgets for both defence and intelligence have been increased due to fears of retaliation by Moscow on their commitment to NATO.
In the Middle East with conflict arising due to ISIS/ISIL’s move to take over key areas, the requirement for critical thinking with respect to intelligence analysis has never been greater. Along with their spending of budgets on intelligence and defence.

The increase to intelligence gathering has created huge amounts of META data with no real means to understand neither the information collected nor the capability to relate the META data to HUM INT. This at a time where the intelligence field is suffering from a lack of broadly educated people with an ability to understand basic human behaviour and current global events. The “think outside the box” ability has been slowly eroded to think inside the required parameters. The training used in organizations such as defence institutions has been archaic and not been modified to allow for critical thinking and asking of the difficult questions on current events in a contextual manner.
This has become evident by analysis and reports provided by various intelligence agencies leading to the errors being committed on the global stage (reactive vs. pro-active).

The lack of the expertise and knowledge base required conducting effective intelligence analysis has provided an opportunity for Global Intel Source. The opportunity is in the analysis field. Providing the expertise and background required to ask the difficult questions and do the critical thinking to allow nations and its clients to be proactive by bolstering and heightening their current capabilities.

Global Intel Source can provide critical Infrastructure analysis, advice on potential security threats both cyber and infrastructure, provide the background to assist develop stronger internal government protocols, standards and conduct “Threat Risk Assessments” on a variety of issues ranging from internal to external threats.

With Global Intel Source providing intelligence analysis to various countries; it will develop the respect and trust required to foster stronger international relations between countries.

Services offered by Global Intel Source

Global Intel Source provides assistance to countries in:

• Intelligence analysis services
• Developing global business
• Threat Risk Analysis or general advice with respect to specific projects or initiatives, critical infrastructure analysis, and security (cyber and infrastructure) analysis. Knowing the potential security threats in a specific client’s nation Global Intel Source can act on providing with the hard security assets needed.

Global Intel Source is dedicated to completing projects by client’s deadline in professional manner providing written high standard reports and potential options and suggested solutions to the client. Global Intel Source is committed to the success of their clients’ project and continuous follow-up and monitoring is offered.

Defence Unlimited International

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