Services offered

Global Intel Source to provide assistance in:
• Intelligence analysis services to a specific country and
• Services to specific countries to develop global business relations’ place Global Intel Source in a unique and trusted position. The current intelligence analysis project can be a shown piece for the company. However three things must occur
• Completed on time and budget (meet the client’s deadline);
• Conducted in a professional manner providing written reports and potential options to the client (set up standards and protocols to ensure final documentation provided to client is professional, clear and well documented/referenced); and
• Monitor for client satisfaction for follow-up work. The current intelligence analysis project will be used as promotional piece to demonstrate to potential clients an example of what a final product may look like. It can be used as an example of Global Intel Source’s vast knowledge base, understanding of security and defence issues and its ability to provide the required critical thinking to ensure a positive outcome for its client. The potential off shoots from the intelligence analysis portfolio can place Defence Unlimited as a leader in Global Relations with respect to common security threats and ensure that countries are working together to eliminate internal and external threats such as ISIS and Boko Haram, and many others.Global Intel Source can provide Threat Risk Analysis or general advice with respect to specific projects or initiatives, critical infrastructure analysis, and security (cyber and infrastructure) analysis.With knowing potential security threats in a specific client’s nation Global Intel Source can act on providing them with the hard security assets needed.